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Free to play fantasy MMORPG. Players take on different roles from warrior to wizard in this skill based game where they level up to fight monsters and each other. PvP has taken over all of Middle Earth and noone is safe. What side are you on? We are trying to bring quality gaming to players. Players have options to complete quests, explore lands, dungeons, and other hidden gems of the new world. A balanced fighting system for hardcore gamers. Incentive for new players to help build a player base. Ultima Oline Middle Earth. New map, new server, never played before. Server will launch in April 2019.

This shard is based off Lord of the Rings! It also has some mentions of Game of Thrones :)

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Getting Started

Installing UO.
1. Download UO Classic Client here
Then let it install. Once it is finished
2. Download new map files here
You need this to play properly

The directory should look something like this
C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic

3. Extract your new map files into this folder
and replace any current map files

Connect to server

4. Download Razor or UOSteam to connect.

Click here to download Razor.
Click here to download UOS.

It auto detects the client and directoy
5. In Server type, and the Port 2593

How to play

Create an account.
Pick a name, race, and starting skills
Type [help in game to see player commands
[c is for global chat
[who is to see who is online

Beginners Guide!

All characters created are starting in Britannia. This is the main town with most of the necessary resources to start playing. This town, like majority of towns, are protected by guards. You cannot die from other players here. Outside of town you can find the easiest monsters and animals to fight. When starting the game for the first time, your character has a Young player status meaning when you die you are teleported back to the city with all your belongings. Don't forget to heal before fighting again. The Young player status will only last for 40 in-game hours or once reached 600 skill points. Be cautious as once you no longer have this status, when you die you no longer are teleported to the city and all belongings remain on your body for others to loot. You can also insure items so that if you die you won't lose the insured items.

An example for screen setup is on the right. For guides on skill building and determining the strength of the monsters please see UO Guide or UO Stratics


Movement              Holding right click in the direction you want to move
Action Target         Left click


Paperdoll                Double click a NPC to open its paperdoll, or single click and choose paperdoll for any character
Backpack                Double click the backpack to open its contents
Status Bar               Click status to see all your health, mana, resistances. You can also double click it to make a smaller status bar
Health                      You can see your health on the top windows tab, and also in the status bar
Skills                        Click skills and a window will popup with all available skills. Make sure the arrow is pointing up in orer to gain in that skill
Map                          Click the map too open your compass. Double clicking it makes it bigger
Journal                    Click the journal to see previous conversations and sightings
Talking                     Type [help to see available player commands
Action/Attack         Double click a character you want to attack, or click an action for that character (tame, or fireball, etc)
Equiping items       Drag an item and place it on your paperdoll to equip

Character Hues

Yellow                     NPC, or questgiver, or invulnerable status, cannot kill
Blue                        Player, likely good karma. Can get attacked.
Grey                        Player that is flagged in a criminal act like stealing, or attacking. Can be attacked by anyone without them getting flagged
Red                         Player, likely evil karma. Can get attacked by anyone without them getting flagged


Potions                   Double click to obtain a certain amount of health
Bandage                 Double click and choose a character to heal. Amount of healing is determined by skill
Magic                     Casting Heal, or Greater heal and choose a character to heal. Amount of healing is determined by skill
Health Fountain      Double click to heal a certain amount of health
Healer NPC             Approach a healer and he will heal you. Only heals [Young] players


Moongates              Walk over and choose the destination. Or double click and choose destination if applicable
Caves/Dungeons    Walk towards the cave or dungeon to enter
Runes                     Select a marked rune and teleport to that destination with the recall spell
Keywords               Stand on a certain location and say the keywords to be teleported to a certain location
Teleporter              Either stand on the teleporter or possibly double click the teleporter to be transporter elsewhere

Moongate Hues

Blue                       Public moongate. You can choose which town to be teleported to
Red                        Player cast moongates. Destination unknown and could be dangerous
Other                     Either a moongate from a quest or event


Beginner Quests     There are multiple beginner quests to help out starting players to obtain armour/weapons and familiarize themselves with UO MiddleEarth (this shard/server)
Quest NPC              Yellow named NPCs, when you hover the mouse over them, it should say Quest Giver
Start a Quest          Answer their question by saing"yes" to activate the quest. They will then provide you with a quest log that will appear inside your backpack in a blue booklet.
Complete Quest       Once you meet all quest expectations, open the quest booklet and click collect reward if you need to select an item. Reward is in your backpack
Quest Rank             Each quest you complete will provide you with some quest points. You can see Quest leader board by the character starting location in Brittania
Quest Rewards        Use your quest points to obtain quest rewards in game

Hot Keys and Macroing

Razor                  You can set some hot keys or macros with this program (ctr Q for greater heal with magery, auto-open corpse on death, etc)
UOS                    You can set some hot keys or macros with this program (ctr Q for greater heal with magery, auto-open corpse on death, etc). Also has a zoomable map

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP
    CPU: Intel® Pentium™ III 1000 MHz
    RAM: 512 MB or more
    Video: 64 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting,
    such as NVIDIA® GeForce™ 3 class card or newer, ATI® Radeon™ 9700 or newer.
    DirectX® 9.0c and latest video drivers
    Hard Drive: 4.0 GB available space

News & Events

Latest News

2 May 2020.

Monthly Shard Update

Today is the first quest event held on saturay may 2
Cannot mark runes in Felucca
3 Champ Spawns available
Moongate to Rivendell available
Monster of the month - Murky
New creatures will be added to Middle Earth every month!
Dragonstone isle is 100% complete. You need a boat for this island
Updated Middle Earth Map on website. Click the map for detailed locations

28 April 2020.

Shard Update

Saturday is 1 month anniversary. Event Quest is ready, see start location
Added a broadcast message when players log in
Mega Seeds Quest is ready
Paragon Chests now contain a skillscroll inside
Added vote stones at start, vote to receive silver
Brittania, Shire, Esgaroth, Erebor, Harad, Rivendell fully spawned
Hidden elvish celler is complete
Passage from the goblin cave is complete
Mystery island is 50% complete
Dragonstone island is 50% complete

23 April 2020.

Shard Update

Goblinc Cave is complete
Access to Misty Mountain is now available
Misty Mountain area is spawned and ready to explore
Gollum and the One Ring is spawned
High Elves, Light Elves, and Woodland Elves are spawned

19 April 2020.

Patch Update

New map files uploaded needed for dungeon entrances
Up to 3 houses you are now able to place
Champion now drops additional skillscroll as intended
Champ spawn moved to Felucca, no tokunos, no paragons
Treasure Chests above level 0 also have a skillscroll inside

16 April 2020.

Shard Update

Spawned North Area between Shire and Britannia
Spawned Area between Britannia and Esgaroth
Spawned all of Esgaroth and surrounding mountain
Quest Point system is now Live with updated rewards
Majority of the quests are now non-repeatable
Advertised Shard on FB

11 April 2020.

Shard Update

Discord channel now availabel: Discord Channel
Body decay changed from 14min to 28min
XMLspawners replacing regular spawners (half done)
Main island 80% spawn completed
Main island 20% dungeons completed

9 April 2020.

Shard Update

Almost fully spawned Mirkwoods
Saves are every 30 min
Reduce honesty item count from 1000 to 500 max

6 April 2020.

Shard Update

Honesty Virtue works as inteded now
Young Player status removed at 600 skill points
Removed young player warning gump from dungeons
Finished spawning Erebor

5 April 2020.

Shard Update

First plot of land has been placed
Half of Erebor is spawned
Fixed dissapearing /no respawn mobs
Fixed stuck / help menu
Tokuno Master has been spawned
Added wall and gates to Mordor
Adjusted Quest Reward Stone

2 April 2020.

Beta Test Started

4 Players for now
Most of Britannia and Shire is spawned
Adjusting quests

6 March 2020.

Dedicated Server Established

Players are able to connect.
Added more spawns
Added more quests
Redesigned and altered start location

28 August 2019.

Shard Updates

Main quest (LOTR) is now 13 parts
Added new quests to help beginners
Spawning mystery island
Updated quest reward stone

1 July 2019.

Shard Updates

100% dungeon entrances finished
100% moongates finished
5/9 towns spawned
20% world spawned
Complete: Doom Gauntlet, Tokuno lessers, 2 champ spawns
3 working quests
2/7 complete LOTR quest
1/5 complete Rick and Morty quest
2/14 dungeons spawned

8 February 2019.

New Website

Purchased the new map, and preparing enchanced client.

1 January 2019.

New domain

Starting fresh. New Website domain, changing from UO Armageddon

- - 2011.

First started to create a shard

The shard went through many phases, and after so many years it is finally here!


Murky Madness: May 2, 2020
Clean the City,
Tadi's Brother,
Save the Sheep,
Hungry Miner,
Guardians of Britannia
Gandalf the Grey,
Bilbo Baggins,
Mega Seeds
Samwise Gamgee
Lord Elrond
Thorin Oakenshield
There is a small chance that a Tokuno Lesser Artfact will drop on any mobile on Middle Earth. You can exchange 10 Lesser Treasures of Tokuno for 1 Greater Artifact. You will need to find the Tokuno Master. Tokuno Artifact List
Mobiles that spawn on Middle Earth have a small chance of being Paragon Gold mobiles. These are a lot tougher than their counterparts but the reward could be great. Paragon Artifact List
There are 3 champion spawns on Middle Earth, one in a dungeon and another on land and a third you need a boat to get to an island. The champion types are random. Power scrolls are dropped as the norm, and skill scrolls are added as champion loot.
The Doom Gauntlet consists of 5 mini bosses and 1 major boss. There is a small percentage of being rewarded some powerful items from these bosses.
Doom Artifact List
Still working on the stealables. Will release them all at the same time.

Patch Notes

Custom map with felucca ruleset
Blood Splatter lasts 3x longer
Paragons spawn everywhere
Tokunos spawn everywhere
Start locations changed
All players can use moongates
Random Skill scrolls of +1 added on boss corpse
Honesty points set to 400 from 30-60
Saves changed from 5min to 30min
Honesty max items from 1000 to 500
Shadow dweller has 2x regular hitpoints
Body decay changed from 14min to 28min
New map files uploaded needed for dungeon entrances
Up to 3 houses you are now able to place
Champion now drops additional skillscroll as intended
Champ spawn moved to Felucca, no tokunos, no paragons
Treasure Chests above level 0 also have a skillscroll inside
Cannot mark rune in Felucca
Monster of the month added
Updated map on website

World Map

Middle Earth

This map features: 1 Large City, 5 Towns, 2 Villages, 10 Dungeons, and 16 Caves.

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